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The Early Education Community is buzzing about STEAM learning! At Creative World School, we’ve been enjoying STEAM for years. STEAM learning originated as STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Art has now been added as a vital component to growing young learners.


We love powering STEAM learning in our schools as we stay the course with our inquiry-based curriculum. We’ve always approached learning with the belief that children are hungry for knowledge and, when provided with the right environment, will explore and make wonderful discoveries all on their own! Our teachers are masterful facilitators of this unique learning process.

This year as we celebrate Week of the Young Child (April 13-17), we will be featuring STEAM learning in our schools as we explore The Wonder of Color. Find a school near you to learn more!

Learn more about iSTEAM:

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Welcoming New Owners: Mike & Shama Colquhoun!

Shama Family PicOur family is growing… and we’re so excited!

Mike and Shama Colquhoun have joined the Creative World School family as New Owners! They are excited to begin the journey with us in Florida. Here’s a little more about them:


Mike & Shama: Mike and Shama have been married for 5+ years and currently live in Atlanta, GA. They are very excited to be moving to Lutz, FL to open their Creative World School and to be close to family who all live in the Tampa area. They have three beautiful little girls. Karina (3.5), Alexa (2) and baby Sienna who is 4 months.


Mike & Shama: Shama graduated from the University of Miami with a BS in Public Relations and Creative Writing. Mike graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX with a BS in Business Administration and Accounting.

Professional Background:

Shama has worked at various Public Relations and Marketing agencies over the last 10+ years. Mike worked in the accounting field for five years and still still holds his CPA license. For the past 15 years, he has worked in sales for the telecom and office furniture industries.

Hobbies and Interests:

In her free time, Shama enjoys cooking and reading while Mike enjoys sports and exercising. Together, they love spending time with their girls, traveling, and going for long walks with the family.

Why CWS?

Shama and Mike were inspired by Creative World’s unique philosophy which encourages and challenges children to learn. With three children of their own, Shama and Mike understand the importance of quality childcare and are excited to provide it in a safe and nurturing environment for children of the Oakstead community. Our goal is to create a safe environment where children can reach their full potential through creative exploration and quality, dynamic programs in the classroom.

We enthusiastically welcome Mike, Shama, Karina, Alexa, and Sienna to the Creative World School Family! We’ll keep you updated as their dreams become a reality and their school opening approaches.

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Top 5 Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Top 5 Apps for Kids

Are you looking for new educational apps your kids would love? Check out these CW picks for March:

1. Mickey’s Magical Math World by Disney Imagicademy has been released just a month ago and is made for ages 5 and under. This app immerses children in imaginative adventures that practice these early math skills: Recognize the defining attributes of a variety of shapes; count forward to 10 and count backward from 10; explore early addition and subtraction; use reasoning and logic to solve problems; sort objects by color and shape.

2. TopIQ Math, Reading & Writing Learning Program for Kids in Preschool, Kindergarten & 1st Grade is a collection of math and literacy games that increase in difficulty. There are also several games to improve self-care and one about career choices. There is a free and paid version and app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

3. Homes by Tinybop ($3.99; iOS; ages 6 and up) takes kids on interactive tours of homes around the world, introducing them to how other people live, eat, sleep, and play. Kids explore and learn on their own, interacting with items in every home. Information about each home and the part of the world where it’s found is included too.

4. Toca Nature ($2.99; iOS; ages 4 and up) teaches kids about nature through creative exploration. Kids can build natural elements — trees, lakes, and mountains — and observe what happens as animals move in and food sources abound.

5. An app which relates to our March theme is Animals for Kids – Flashcards (good for ages 1 – 4 years). This app helps children learn the names of various animals and also gives them a glimpse into the animal’s beautiful world and everything it offers! In the free app, the animals are divided into three groups: “domestic animals and pets”, “forest animals”, and “animals of the world” (animals that live in Asia, Africa, the Arctic, and Antarctic). Additional animals, like “birds”, “insects”, and “world of water” (fish and water-thriving animals), are available in the full version of the application.

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Can You Believe It? Spring Break is Here!


Our students are going to have an awesome, incredulous time with fun facts and quirky ideas as they play and learn together this Spring Break!

Spring Breakers will visit exploration stations, enjoy outdoor activities, go on field trips, and work on group projects!

Join us for wacky activities like creating Suspended Slime or explore self-expression with an On Stage Extreme Talent Show! Come cook, play, explore, and test the limits with wild experiments in this week of fun!


Contact your local Creative World School for more Spring Break information!


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Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities


What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day and Snake Saturday? Whether it is going to a parade or just wearing green, here are a few enriched activities for children toddler through school-age.

shamrock chips

Shamrock Chips with Pot of Gold

This fun snack is fun for the whole family!

Supplies: shamrock cookie cutter (smaller = more chips), baking sheet, spinach tortilla wraps, cooking oil, salt, hummus dip

Preheat over to 375° and coat the baking sheet in a light layer of oil. Cut shamrocks from the tortilla wraps with the shaped cookie cutter. Place the shamrocks on the baking sheet, coat with a light layer of oil, and a sprinkle of salt. Bake the chips for 5-6 minutes or until browning begins.

Let the shamrocks cool then serve with hummus for a tasty treat!


Rainbow Pinwheels

In tradition of finding the rainbow, let’s catch the cool March breeze in these colorful rainbow pinwheels!

Supplies: cardstock or watercolor paper (heavier weight is best), watercolor, paintbrushes, scissors, ruler, pencil, thumbtack, short straight pins, thin wooden dowels, small round bead, hot glue gun

Use watercolors to create some rainbow-filled painting. Once the rainbows are dry, cut the paper to a 6″ by 6″ square. Use the ruler and create an ‘X’ by drawing lines from corner to the opposite corner.

Cut along the lines from the corner stopping about 1-2″ from the center. From the extra paper, cut a circle 1″ in diameter.

Use the thumbtack and poke a hole in the center of the circle, in the center of the square on the ‘X’, near the corner of each pinwheel spoke (you will have two points in each corner of your paper square, just pierce one point making sure that it is the same side each time), and through the top of your dowel (about 1/2″ from the top).

Assemble the parts by sticking the dress pin through the hole in the circle, through each of the holes in the four spokes of the pinwheel, and then through the hole in the center of the ‘X’. To keep the pin on, slip the bead on the sharp end then use the glue gun to place a dab of glue on the bead. Now enjoy your pinwheel in the wind!


Rainbows and Gold Noise Makers

This fun and easy activity is a must!

Supplies: dry beans, gold paint, ribbon (all colors of the rainbow), plastic bottle and lid, thumbtack or scissors

Pour some beans onto newspaper and coat with a layer of gold paint. While your pieces of gold dry, take the plastic water bottle and poke a small hole in the lid. Gather the colorful ribbons and pull through the hole in the lid. gather the ribbon ends on the bottom side of the lid and knot them. Place the dry gold in the bottle and tighten on the lid. Now you are ready to make some noise!

fruit kabobs

Green Goodies – Fruit Kabobs

Assemble these yummy green treats for an easy on-the-go snack.

Supplies: green fruits (apple, pear, melon, kiwi, grapes), wooden skewers

Wash and cut fruit into 1″ by 1″ pieces. Thread the fruit onto the skewers, varying the pieces as you add them. Enjoy your green goody on-the-go!

We hope that you have a great St. Patrick’s day this year and enjoy all of these great activities!

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Did You Know? Animals Have Superpowers!

Check out these awesome animals!

  • The blue whale can produce the loudest sound of any animal. At 188 decibels, the noise can be detected over 800 kilometers away.
  • Horses and cows sleep while standing up.
  • Giant Arctic jellyfish have tentacles that can reach over 36 meters in length.
  • Locusts have leg muscles that are about 1000 times more powerful than an equal weight of human muscle.
  • Hummingbirds are so agile and have such good control that they can fly backwards.
  • Instead of bones, sharks have a skeleton made from cartilage.
  • Insects such as bees, mosquitoes and cicadas make noise by rapidly moving their wings.
  • The horn of a rhinoceros is made from compacted hair rather than bone or another substance.
  • Sharks lay the biggest eggs in the world.
  • Even when a snake has its eyes closed, it can still see through its eyelids.
  • Unlike humans, sheep have four stomachs; each one helps them digest the food they eat.
  • Despite the white, fluffy appearance of Polar Bears fur (which is transparent), it actually has black skin.
  • As well as being a famous Looney Tunes character, the Tasmanian Devil is a real animal that is only found in the wild in Tasmania, Australia. It is the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world.
  • The average housefly only lives for 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Mosquitoes can be annoying insects but did you know that it’s only the female mosquito that actually bites humans.
  • Cats use their whiskers to check whether a space is too small for them to fit through or not.


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CW Celebrates: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

 In Katroo, every year, on the day you were born
They start the day right in the bright early morn
When the Birthday Honk-Honker hikes high up Mt. Zorn
and lets loose a big blast on the big Birthday Horn.
And the voice of the horn calls out loud as it plays:
“Wake up! For today is your Day of all Days!”

— Happy Birthday to You!

Dr. Seuss - Thing 1 & 2


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Explore: Animal Adventures!

This month, our focus takes us on an animal adventure! Each classroom has their own learning journey focused around their group interests. Their questions serve as a guide to investigate the all types of animals! The children are exploring pets, farm animals, exotic critters, and much, much more! We are excited to explore our ‘Animal Adventures!’ focus throughout March!

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Teaching Children Kindness: 31 Day Kindness Challenge

Did you know that about 80 percent of the youth in the recent study said their parents were more concerned with their achievement or happiness than whether they cared for others? At the same time, all parents wish to have nice and caring children. What parents often fail to realize is that kindness is not automatically instilled in children. Children need adults to help them become caring and kind. In other words, kindness can be taught and encouraged – at home and at school. At Creative World School, empathy is integrated into core subjects. To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day, we put together this fun Kindness Challenge. Give it a try with your kids and watch them become more respectful, responsible and kind!

How to Teach Kids to Be Kind

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Literacy Zone: Books About People

Check out some of these books for your child to read while they are exploring people and their community this month:

Would you add any more books to our February Book List?

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