Move It: CamptTastic 2015 Preview

MoveItFrom twisted, mixed-up versions of our favorite sports and games to rhythmic routines and moves- we’re steppin’ it up! Join us as we experiment, initiate, and create in an exciting world full of motion! Strap on your boogie shoes and let’s “Move It”!

Check out our Special Event days:

Boogie Shoes: Wear your favorite kicks and get ready to jump around at our giant dance party full of fun! We are going to stomp, kick, rap, bounce, and jive to the beat. We can’t wait to make up our own rhythmic tunes, pull off some brave new moves, and groove to our favorite songs!

Radical Routines: Whether tossing or passing a baton, we’re better when we work together! Join us as we choreograph an amazing parade to showcase our knack for kinetics. We’ll twirl, crump, and march to the beat of our own drum…it’s all in good fun!

Gear Up To Groove: What kind of dance do YOU do? Whether you like ballet, break dancing, or just like to move in your own way- this is the day to bring your “skills” to the dance floor!

2015CampTasttic_LogoRegister for a CampTastic Summer near you!

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Building Blocks of Learning: Build It Up!

BuilditUp_CoverIcon_BlackThis month at Creative World Schools, we are investigating construction as we Build It Up! We will explore materials, tools, and buildings all around us.

Inquiries about construction foster the engineering spark in young learners. Looking at how things work and fit together is important to cultivate cognitive skills. An activity like building with toy blocks is a great way to practice these skills.

Parenting Science explores the correlation between building and development of essential skills, including: Spatial Skills, Math Skills, Creative and Divergent Problem-Solving, Cooperative Play, Language Development, and inspiration of Lifelong Learning.

Join us as we Build It Up throughout May!


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Let’s Invent: CampTastic 2015 Preview

LetsInventIt’s back to the drawing board! Join our brilliant masterminds and compete for the best new idea! Our inventors will dream up brand new inventions, craft a plan, and market their ideas. Come enjoy every brainy, creative, and calculated step on the journey of a real business mogul! Maybe it will be YOU who comes up with the next best thing!


Check out our Special Event days:

Spin Room: What’s the secret of popular brands? Let’s find out! Do we need a catchy jingle or noticeable logo? We’ll work together to brainstorm then pitch our ideas…what results will we spin out?

Amazing Ads: An amazing invention is only half the battle, how do we get customers? Enter the wild world of design and marketing! From packaging to print ads, let’s get our product out there!

Field Tests: We’re going to challenge some of our favorite products in this wacky day of play, crazy testing, and wild reporting! We’ll shed light on truths, bust up myths, and push the limits as we Field Test our favorite stuff!


Spots are filling up, register for CampTastic 2015 at a school near you! 

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Launch Pad: Kindergarten Readiness This Summer!

LaunchPadWe are excited to introduce our brand new Kindergarten Readiness Program at Creative World Schools: Launch Pad! Spend the summer with us having a blast with our three amazing inquiries: H20 Extreme, Buggin’ Out, and Road Trip. From geysers to Gettysburg, we are exploring nature and the world around us as we expand our awareness of our environment.

Exploratorium_dinos_group dig

How can you help your child be ready for kindergarten?

The Mayo Clinic offers these recommendations:

  • Develop routines. Choose regular times for your child to eat, play and sleep each day. This will help your child know what to expect and what’s expected from him or her.
  • Encourage the development of basic skills. Work with your child to help him or her recognize letters, numbers, colors and shapes.
  • Read, rhyme and play games with your child. Make reading a daily family activity. Rhyming and playing with your child also are important for his or her development.
  • Expose your child to learning experiences. Look for opportunities to broaden your child’s horizons, such as preschool. Take your child to the museum or enroll him or her in community art or science programs.
  • Encourage socialization. Promote your child’s social development by signing him or her up for group activities and inviting friends to go on outings. Encourage your child to share, express his or her feelings, practice taking turns, and follow simple directions.
  • Talk about kindergarten. Build enthusiasm and lessen anxiety by explaining what your child’s routine might be like in kindergarten. Before school begins, take him or her to the school and, if possible, check out the classroom. Get your child involved in shopping for school clothes.Exploratorium_group with girl pointing

From routines to literacy and math skills, we offer a fun, friend-filled environment this summer for your child to learn and grow. As your Pre-K child grows into new roles, new traits, and new understanding, come invest in their learning and development this summer witth us… we’re ready to have a blast learning together!

Learn more about the Kindergarten Readiness Launch Pad Program at Creative World School: Launch Pad

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Dirt, Mud, Plants… Down to Earth!

It’s been a great month at Creative World Schools!


What does mud feel like? Is it warm or cool, wet or dry, soft or hard? We got our hands dirty with the squishy, rich earth at Creative World School Noland in MO!

For our Down to Earth inquiry, we’ve been getting our hands dirty outside learning gardening skills and watching things grow! Our outdoor adventures have been amazing as we’ve explored the world outside. From our youngest learners taking buggy rides, feeling mud, and collecting leaves to our oldest children inspecting nature through a magnifying glass, we’ve used all of our resources to maximize our learning experience!

nature paint aurora

Our young learners are using flowers, leaves, and other items we collected from nature to make amazing stamps and paint artwork at Creative World School Aurora.

Did you know that outdoor play and enjoying environments of natural play is vital to the development of young children?

“Outdoor play fosters opportunities for creativity, imagination, social connections, and learned behaviors. There are two types of outdoor playscapes: natural and constructed. Natural playscapes offer sensory stimulation and physical diversity which is critical for childhood experiences outdoors.”*

planting seed plainfield

Planting is powerful! We invested in the earth on Earth Day and throughout the entire month at Creative World School Plainfield.

Take a look at our amazing journey… and find the Creative World School nearest you to learn more at!

*Young Children and Nature: Outdoor Play and Development, Experiences Fostering Environmental Consciousness, And the Implications on Playground Design

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CampTastic is Coming Soon!

We know that your child is excited for Summer… it will be here before you know it! As we look ahead to graduations in May, we are gearing up for a Fantastic CampTastic!


Every year Creative World Schools host amazing summer day camps that feature awesome themes, wacky special event days, and fun-filled field trips! You won’t want to miss a day of stations, clubs, friends, and fun.

Learn more about this year’s themes and pre-register at the Creative World School location nearest you!camp banner

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Rainbow Day: A Colorful Adventure!

Rainbow Day was full of colorful adventures at Creative World Schools! We let our inquiry STEAM ahead as we explored Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math somewhere special… over the rainbow!


rainbow day

Making a rainbow from recycled paper shreds!

rainbow girls

Sorting found objects on the rainbow!

Centered in our unique Exploratorium space, our Rainbow Day Explorations fueled our curiosity about the colorful world all around us! Nature is one of the first ways that children learn color: “The best way to teach preschoolers their colors is to use their environment as a teaching tool,” says Maureen McCourt Boylan, former kindergarten teacher and author of Leap into Literacy.

Rainbows are circles that can help us learn all about engineering and math through arches, layers, stacking, and sorting. We also explored rainbows with a scientific eye as we played with prisms and enjoyed the dynamics of refracted and reflected light. The possibilities are endless and we love providing our young learners with the tools and open-ended themes to explore new ideas!  Want to inspire your own young child to learn through rainbows? Here are some book ideas:

rainbow day 4

Can you make a colorful arch? Using construction paper to explore our engineering skills. by Edwin C. Krupp [HarperCollins, 2000]

Rainbow and You, by Edwin C. Krupp [HarperCollins, 2000]

A Rainbow of My Own, by Don Freeman [Puffin, 1978]

Over the Rainbow, by E.Y. Harburg [Peter Yarrow Books]

All the Colors of the Rainbow,by Allan Fowler [Children’s Press, 1999]

rainbow day 3

We are all special! And we can make art with our little hands.

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We had a blast celebrating Week of the Young Child!

At Creative World Schools, every day is a celebration of children! We especially enjoyed celebrating all of our young learners this past week as the nation recognized the importance of early education in Week of the Young Child.woyc banner

Did you know that when young children engage in active learning, they chart the course for income potential, social success, and other achievements throughout their lives*? When young children have access to a free and open-ended learning environment that includes games in their every day routines, they are statistically less likely to repeat grades or need special education**. We love that our schools are full of young learners who are being set on a path for success because of our commitment to the right kind of learning environment.

Week of the Young Child at Creative World Schools was full of this kind of fun-filled learning! From Pajama Day to Messy Art Day to “What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?” we love facilitating imaginative, age-appropriate play and watching children blossom and grow!

woyc collage

Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and visit us online to learn more andfind a Creative World School near you!

*HighScope Perry Preschool Project, 2005

**The Abecedarian Project, 2012

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Celebrating Week of the Young Child This Week!

woyc-2011At Creative World Schools, we are having a blast celebrating Week of the Young Child this week! This year, we are featuring iSTEAM learning for Week of the Young Child. 

STEAM learning is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics: five fields that are vital to developing critical thinking skills in early education. Check out this video to learn more about our approach to inquiry in STEAM learning:

iSteam_LogoExploratorium boy with squares Exploratorium_group with girl pointing

From our youngest learners to developing engineers and artists, we are having a blast celebrating young children and their amazing emerging skills! Find a school near you or like us on  for more details and to see pics of our Week of the Young Child fun!

Infant room play

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We’re Digging Deep: Getting Down to Earth!

This month at Creative World Schools, we are getting our hands dirty and heading Down to Earth! We love this month full of nature, outdoor exploration, and discovering how things grow.

We understand how valuable a connection to nature is to early learning.

Researchers have identified a number of developmental benefits that come from outdoor play, including the following:

• Increased creativity and imagination

• Development of a sense of wonder (wonder is an important motivator for lifelong learning)

• Increased social interactions between children

• Enhanced opportunities to make decisions, solve problems, and collaborate with peers, which also promote language and communication skills

• Improved awareness, reasoning, and observation skills

• Positive effects on children’s ability to focus and pay attention.*

Dirt 1 Ready for some outdoor exploration ideas with your young one? Follow the link for an article with some GREAT IDEAS and find a Creative World School near you to join us as we enjoy the great outdoors this month!

*For the full article:

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